patch for rpcclient

Todd Sabin tastas at
Mon Mar 8 22:23:22 GMT 1999

Luke wrote:
> > Oh! That's the desired access parameter.  It's a bitfield of what
> > access you're requesting be granted to the handle you're opening.
> *oh*, yes.  it's an ACE_INFO field, then (see incomplete list in
> include/rpc_secdes.h).
> > I don't know what any of the bits mean in samr, but there's a generic
> > access, MAXIMUM_ALLOWED (0x02000000), which means just give me
> > everything I'm permitted.  It's nice for this because we don't know
> > what we really want and might be running as different users who don't
> > have the same permissions.  Ideally, you just ask for the access
> > necessary for the whatever calls you're going to follow with, but I
> > don't know what they are.
> i'd suggest leaving it as-seen over-the-wire, which so far has been 0x3e4.
> anyone got any info on access rights bits?

The problem is that that's more access than a null session is permitted,
meaning you can't do the enum stuff over a null session, which is why I
patched it.  ;)


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