patch for rpcclient

Todd Sabin tastas at
Mon Mar 8 21:51:27 GMT 1999

Luke wrote:
> > > you sure that 3e4 (whatever) flag is "buffer size"?  tried it with small
> > > value (e.g 50 bytes) what happens?
> > > 
> > 
> > Not sure what you're referring to here.
> you marked one of the unknown fields as a "max buffer size" and set it to
> 0x200000.  you wanna try-see what happens if you set it to 0x30?

Oh! That's the desired access parameter.  It's a bitfield of what
access you're requesting be granted to the handle you're opening.
I don't know what any of the bits mean in samr, but there's a generic
access, MAXIMUM_ALLOWED (0x02000000), which means just give me
everything I'm permitted.  It's nice for this because we don't know
what we really want and might be running as different users who don't
have the same permissions.  Ideally, you just ask for the access
necessary for the whatever calls you're going to follow with, but I
don't know what they are.


p.s. I should have defined it in a header somewhere, but I was trying
to change as few files as possible.

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