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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Mar 8 16:46:34 GMT 1999

> > (RE:Recent NTBUGTRAQ comments)
> i know, that initially annoyed me: you only have to register DOMAIN<1c>
> and a PDC won't come up [to be confirmed with some NETMON traces, later].

The problem is clearly a MS one.  At the CIFS conference I brought in an
Amiga running a very out-of-date and known bad port of Samba.  It
registered DOMAIN<1c> and took the NT PDC off the net.

The trick would be to find a way to make Samba more robust, so that it 
won't be put off if another box claims that name & type.  I don't know if 
that will be easy, since the flaw is in the design.  Using a NetBIOS 
name--which can easily be stolen by some other system--as the flag for 
"hey, I'm the DC" is weak.

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