file opening problem

Molnar Laszlo molnar.laszlo at
Mon Mar 8 16:04:26 GMT 1999

With smbclient's get command I can get files without any problem 
but not in smbsh subshell!
I have tried with several application, but the symptomes are the 
same: I can create any files, but impossible to reopen it.
The IRIX is 6.2. 

Laszlo Molnar

On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Molnar Laszlo wrote: 

> I have just installed the samba 2.0.3 to two SGI box. Everything 
> looks good with smbclient but with smbsh I can not read files 
> opening with joe or copy with cp) between the two SGI or 
> any SGI and some win95. However I can make directories in 
> smbsh or creating new files. The create mask is 0700. 

> What can be the problem? 

Can you access the data if you use smbclient? (get) 
If you can read data out of the share with smbclient, but not with 
smbsh, look 
for any differences between the options you use. 

smbsh works by intercepting syscalls via a wrapper lib. One 
problem that 
shows up is that static binaries can't see the /smb tree, since 
there's no way 
to filter the syscalls through a dynamic library. Although, it seems 
to me that cp and joe would be statically compiled, while mkdir 

-Steve Langasek 

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