coding binge coming on.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Mar 6 23:50:08 GMT 1999

> It would also mean we don't have to worry about
> working out how MS are doing it - just how to
> do it between Samba PDC/BDC's. This would be a
> big win for commercial adoption of the Samba PDC
> code as it would give us redundency.

right now it's possible to set up multiple samba servers with MYSQL or
LDAP connections on their localhost interface to an sshd redirector.  if
the sql or ldap database is securely replicated then you have your
redundancy / backup.

> Any of these ideas grab you ?

yeah.  i've been a bit harsh with a couple of people as my answers have
been brief.  the suggestions and feedback have been very good: win95
user-level; printing; wins repl; inter-domain; ntfs-acl<->unix.  in other
words, all the things we're missing!

i'm interested in the inter-domain.

if anyone wants to tackle any of the other areas, go for it.  lots of
stuff appears to have come out of the woodwork which is nice.  and i
apologise for being curt.


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