coding binge coming on.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sat Mar 6 03:36:21 GMT 1999

Luke wrote :

> hm. i feel the urge to do a coding-spree again. spread wings again in 
> unchartered territories. before i do so, does anyone have any suggestions 
> for major areas of missing functionality that are really getting on 
> people's wick (e.g inter-domain trust relationships?) 


	For my part, inter-domain trust relationships
would be a good fit, as we will need them when we are
a fully functional PDC to do trusts with NT PDC's.

Anything that touches on the file or print services is
probably bad, as it will make the merge from hell harder.

Helping out JF with the NT print code would be good.

I have spent the last week at Linux Expo and the O'Reilly
Open Source summit (reports on both to follow in a while)
so haven't been able to do much this week (I'm still
posting from home - I only saw your message via the
Web interface to samba-tech).

There is *much* interest in some of the advanced
features in Samba from commercial companies (not
at liberty to say on thie lists yet) so pushing
the Domain stuff forward is good.

One thought I had was that once we have a working
PDC - then we could backdoor Samba BDC's by doing
our own SAM database replication. This would fix
the problem that people need backup account servers
to fully trust a system.

It would also mean we don't have to worry about
working out how MS are doing it - just how to
do it between Samba PDC/BDC's. This would be a
big win for commercial adoption of the Samba PDC
code as it would give us redundency.

Any of these ideas grab you ?

I'll be in at work on Monday so should be
able to catch up on at least *some* of the
email, but I'm then out tues/wed doing Samba
presentations at the SGI tech forums (more
presenation/trade show stuff). I'll be glad
when I'm back to the code....



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