coding binge coming on.

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>hm.  i feel the urge to do a coding-spree again.  spread wings again in
>unchartered territories.  before i do so, does anyone have any suggestions
>for major areas of missing functionality that are really getting on
>people's wick (e.g inter-domain trust relationships?)
>rsvp. to samba-technical, thx.

Heh Luke--

    As I was discussing with Jeremy, my Samba <-> Novell bridge code(really
a bunch of shell scripts that interpret the data/variable stream) can't
handle job queues or deletions yet for a couple reasons:

    1)  No way for the full, six or seven digit alphanumeric job # to fit
into the LPQ modes provided.  Generic LPQ is needed.  (I've been working on
this, seems reasonably trivial to fix now that Jeremy says most of the
memory structures can *probably* handle the additional input.)

    2)  Hurm.  I don't think there's a way for LPQ to report a job
description that's unequal to the job name.  Right now I think it just sends
back <machinename>.<random> for the job descrip, though even that's

    3)  No way to retrieve the job description from the Win95/98/NT machine.
Big problem; it's done through some funky call.  I promised Jeremy I'd
generate some tcpdumps to figure out what ioctl's were being used, I'll post
em this weekend.

    I'm trying to replace the print system in our labs, but I can't do it
yet because of this stuff.

    Just reposting all this in case you feel up to the task :-)  Jeremy
doesn't exactly love the printing code that's already there.

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