NBNS & IP addresses.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Thu Mar 4 21:22:10 GMT 1999

> A while back I had an E'mail conversation with Jeremy (Jeremy Allison,
> Samba-Team Co-captain) about this.  As I recall (and I really do need to
> check on this because it was a while ago), the way that multi-homed hosts
> are handled is that name registrations must be *sent from the interface
> registering the name*.  This ensures that the packet and NB_ADDRESS IP
> values match.

in fact, what ms-wins servers do on receipt of a multi-homed registration
(which is done one ip address at a time):

- send a WACK to the sender of the registration;

- send a query to the first ip address that was received.

- if response comes back valid, _then_ send a positive registration

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