How to close previous SMB Connections (VCs)

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Thu Mar 4 15:02:18 GMT 1999

Look through the archive.

A few weeks ago I posted our solution to this problem.

Your options are these:

 - set 'keepalive' in your smb.conf to a small number of minutes

 - use 'root preexec' to call a script with a number of arguments,
   including the share name, the client IP address, the netbios name the
   client was referring to and so on. That script should create a PID
   file with the smbd's pid stored in it; the PID file should be named
   after the arguments passed to the script; if the PID already exists
   and the pid it contains is not stale, then kill that pid.

You can combine both approaches.

Note that setting SO_KEEPALIVE is unlikely to be helpful (or harmful) in
these situations. Fortunately the SMB protocol has a keepalive feature.


On Thu, Mar 04, 1999 at 06:37:20PM +1100, Krishna Kishore wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with SMB core, 
> I have been experimenting with an SMB client program. 
> I am testing the client by connecting to a Windows95 machine 
> with "SMB core" protocol.
> Everything  (fileoperations etc) are going well with SMB core 
> except for one problem:-
> When I restart/shutdown my SMB client machine without disconnecting 
> from the windows95 machine and  with some files still kept open on Win95, 
> those files are not getting closed and when I try to open those files again, 
> open is failing.  
> I observed those files are kept open for hours together(21 and may be more).
> Is there any way in SMB Core to close all the connections opened 
> previously by the SMB client after a client machine has restarted.
> Thanks in advance,
> Krishna Kishore
> D Krishna Kishore,
> Sr Software Engr,
> ROC-Hyd,
> Plot No: 14, New Vasavi Nagar,
> Karkhana, Secunderabad 500 015.
> Tel:  040-774 2606/774 0406
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