How to close previous SMB Connections (VCs)

Krishna Kishore kishore at
Thu Mar 4 07:35:55 GMT 1999

I have a problem with SMB core, 
I have been experimenting with an SMB client program. 
I am testing the client by connecting to a Windows95 machine 
with "SMB core" protocol.
Everything  (fileoperations etc) are going well with SMB core 
except for one problem:-

When I restart/shutdown my SMB client machine without disconnecting 
from the windows95 machine and  with some files still kept open on Win95, 
those files are not getting closed and when I try to open those files again, 
open is failing.  
I observed those files are kept open for hours together(21 and may be more).

Is there any way in SMB Core to close all the connections opened 
previously by the SMB client after a client machine has restarted.

Thanks in advance,
Krishna Kishore
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