FW: Re: Inaccessable Samba Share

David.BOYD at socgen.co.uk David.BOYD at socgen.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 09:39:20 GMT 1999

Is there any reg entries to control smb timeouts?

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SUBJECT: Re: Inaccessable Samba Share

David.BOYD at socgen.co.uk wrote:
> I've doubled checked this and its true.
> I've nailed it down to about 300+ files in the directory and winnt will
> access the samba share, however win95 will.
> I'm getting the feeling winnt is timing out????? (any ideas)

     I think you're right: there are allowable SMB timeouts, and
     we've seen *reports of *horrible** handling of them in the
     mailing-list before.  I think they were NT. but my memory is
     very poor (its a frayed tape, eith it's index on disk: I
     can usually remember something happened, but not what (;-))

> Unfortunately I can't mess with the directory structure or file names, as
> certain applications network wide expect the files to be located where
> are.

     Fair enough, but I'd recommend putting in a request to the
     powers that be to split them up for everyone's performance.
     In the future, in their Copious Spare Time.

> I'm still not sure whether to report this as a bug with samba, as I'm
> its just NT timing out?, any help much appreciated.

     I'd raise it at samba-technical at samba.anu.edu.au as something
     that Samba is having problems with, but which are probably not
     Samba's fault.  The folks there may well have some ideas about
     diagnosing it in sufficient detail to allow either you or they
     to come up with a workaround.

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