How come failed authentications aren't ....

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Mar 1 20:53:01 GMT 1999

> I think "Debug logs say what Samba is doing, my logs say what the *user* is
> doing" put it best.

I'm only questioning the mechanism, not the utility.  

> It's surprising that Samba's logging mechanisms sucks as bad as NT's does.

Samba doesn't have a logging mechanism, per se.  DEBUG was designed for
debugging.  Logging was added to it because it was a convenient mechanism. 

> It's just nice someone's doing something about it.

All I've done so far is to pretty it up a bit.  For 2.0 I added some 
macros and some functions to help format the output.  The result is that 
you get timestamps, the logs are a tiny bit more readable (matter of 
opinion, I guess), and they can be parsed (thus debug2html).

This conversation points out that logging security events is different 
than logging server operations.

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