How come failed authentications aren't ....

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Mon Mar 1 19:23:48 GMT 1999


I think "Debug logs say what Samba is doing, my logs say what the *user* is
doing" put it best.

It's surprising that Samba's logging mechanisms sucks as bad as NT's does.
It's just nice someone's doing something about it.

(Don't think logs are useful?  If they ever try to shut me down, I know I
have 3200+ prints behind me :-)

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>I guess part of my reluctance is that the Debug output can also go to
>syslog.  In *general* it makes sense that auth failures would go to
>syslog.  Hmmm...
>I think I'll step out of this in favor of the NT Domain code developers.
>Logging security incidents will become a bigger issue as you consider that
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