Progress Report: Follow up

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Mar 1 16:21:01 GMT 1999

> > you have??? ... is it for cvs-main or 2_0?  cvs-main would be best.
> You'll be happy to know that it is built for cvs-main.


> Due to the interest I've (literally) thrown up a URL:
> Here you'll find a context diff file which works with
> cvs-main (27/02/99) along with my program which
> allows you to swap between file to mysql smbpasswd methods.

*chomp, slurp*
> I've only coded this on my own without exhaustive consideration for 
> other systems, so it may so suffer from system dependant code.

ok, lessavalook.  if there's sys-dependent code then we'll work that out
with autoconf, i'm sure people will mention it.

looks good up to sampass.c, there's a one-line mod in there i'm removing.
it calls getsmbpwent() instead of getsmbfilepwent() i made this change
several weeks ago for efficiency reasons.

mysql_fill_sam_passwd() - do you want to write a util function to do all
that, rather than cut-and-paste?

also, diff -u files are the default samba team preference, i'm having
problems understanding / patching with context diffs...
> I'm also kind of shy to publish my own code, so be gentle =)

ben, ben, why did you say this?  i'm having such difficulty restraining

> > actually we found that with some unixen the speed was limited by getpwnam
> > calls not by private/smbpasswd, which is a bit wierd.
> The bold solution to that would be to add fields to smbpasswd so as
> that it could totally replace getpwnam calls?

please expand / explain, sounds interesting.
> Ciao, semester starts tomorrow

good luck.

> and I'm actually doing subjects too,
> plus my timetable sucks (just thought I'd add that for the record).

you're entitled, it's your list too.

er, ben, you wouldn't happen to want to write a README would you?  yodl's
_really_ easy to understand, and it can create html and txt files and man
pages.  even _i_ can understand yodl.

two issues.  one: by default, because you based the code-structure
(cut-and-paste) on the passdb/smbpass.c code, which is under the GPL, then
so is your *.c code.  two: it's copyright you (except the cut-and-paste
bits).  three: the .pl file is exclusively copyright you (afaik) please
send me an appropriate comment for it, just for fun.

lots of love, giggles and laughter,

an appreciative luke.

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