generic ACL interface (RFC)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jul 28 18:07:30 GMT 1999

> > 		a mapping (not necessarily a good one) to unix
> > 		permissions.
> > 
> 	That's (typically) accomplished by the native ACL implementations
> themselves.

so, if the HP/UX ACL implementation supports something nice (which someone
mentioned that it did, which posix does not) then we can map it to an NT
ACE or whatever.

> 	Rather than implementing NT ACLs on Unix per se (that's a slightly
> different problem),

i'd suggest avoiding this.  no-one is allowed to suggest maintaining a
separate database with ACL permissions on a per-file basis, ok? :-)  we've
discussed this before (two-three years ago) - you risk losing info.

remember UMSDOS?


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