generic ACL interface (RFC)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jul 28 17:57:08 GMT 1999

> What else isn't representable (take ownership, for one)?  If it

in the unix world? or the nt world?  yes, in nt, you can "take ownership".
you mean in unix?  hm, i would say that only root could "take ownership".

> Finally, EXEC may not be an NT acl

exec.  assume execute.  yes it is.

> and failure, but that raises the question of how to identify errors.
> Some folks return 0 for success and errno values for errors, so calls
> have to look like 
> 	if (get_acl(fsp,entries, n_entries) == 0) {
> 		do success code
> This is not common in samba source, so it may not be a good idea!

we rely on the unix filesystem call to fail, or the access to the password
database API requiring root privileges (because private/smbpasswd is owned
by root) to generate the error message at the unix level, which is

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