generic ACL interface (RFC)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jul 28 17:38:27 GMT 1999

> 	Doesn't matter really, as far as the requirements for the NT ACL
> implementation, you know more about the subject than I do,

i have a "big picture" in my head, that's all.

> so I'm not really in a position to argue.  :P

yes you are, i don't have any experience with unix acls, other than having
looked at some sun man pages and understanding the principles of unix

there are some specific design issues i would like to see in place in
samba, and i am having a difficult time justifying them.  it's _partially_
aesthetics / intuition, so there's not very much i can say to people
wishing to jump ASAP out of "nt" and "smb" and "msrpc" into the unix

one other reason i can think of is that if you think like an "NT
developer" you are likely to find that the presence of data over-the-wire
leads directly back to an API, and the API arguments are highly likely to
match the data over-the-wire.

therefore, if you can work out the API, and use it, your job is greatly
simplified: the implementation of each API call writes itself.


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