generic ACL interface (RFC)

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Wed Jul 28 15:08:12 GMT 1999

--On Wednesday, July 28, 1999, 8:14 AM +1000 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
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> tim,

 [stuff deleted]

> ACL-instance-implementations (e.g the file / directory one) *may* require
> knowledge of unix, but this should not be expected.  for example, what
> happens when we implement "appliance mode" fully, and someone installs
> this on linux with ntfs-driver support?  the fact that linux is unix then
> becomes completely irrelevant at that point!

    The same with AFS.  Even though there is a uid and gid associated
with files and directories in AFS, they are ignored in AFS ACLs.

    In all, I have to agree with Luke's take on this.  Let the
underlying ACL mapping code handle/hide the filesystem specifics, and
let smbd work on the NT style ACLs.


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