New param "source environment"?

Shane Hunsley shane at
Thu Jul 22 21:50:30 GMT 1999


Will this allow a shell script to be run when ever a file is created on a
specific samba share?

I have been looking for type of functionality for a while and I'm very
interested in the VFS module you have created.

I required this functionality for three reasons.

1) Virus checking of new files
2) Automated FTP transfer of new files to another site
3) Automatic Zipping or UnZipping of new files

The rename and delete parameter options would be useful for an indexing

> Well, I'm pleased to announce an actually somewhat useful VFS module
> called samba-fu.  This module allows arbitrary commands to be
> run after
> successful completion of the following operations on a samba share:
>     - share connect/disconnect
>     - directory open/read/close
>     - directory create/remove
>     - file open/close
>     - file rename/unlink
> Download it at  Some useful
> documentation is even included.
> Tim.

Shane Hunsley
shunsley at

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