NT file-permissions

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at md.northgrum.com
Thu Jul 22 17:17:24 GMT 1999

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> Yep, that's exactly what I'm planning for a future release.
	JOOC, how future a release?  There seems to be some definite
interest in this ACL stuff forming now.

> I intend to abstract the ACL interfaces (which are different
> on almost *every* UNIX, as the POSIX committee failed to
> agree - arghhhhh !) in the same way as the lib/system.c
> calls.
> I'll probably implement them on IRIX first as that's what
> I have access to, but I'll use this list to try and design
> the interface first, so hopefully multiple people can work
> on implementations at the same time.
	Is this an appropriate time to start hashing this stuff out, or are
there other things that need finishing first?

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