ACL on linux ?

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Thu Jul 22 17:08:21 GMT 1999

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> Subject:	ACL on linux ?
> Hi,
>   I just saw a patch for ACL on the kernel-traffic website, so that
> linux can use ACL's. 
> What pops into mind is, can I use these ACL's to emulate NT's acl's ?
	Probably, at least for the most part.

> (i.e. is there allready some support in samba for ACL on xyz OS ?)
	no, but the subject of (general) ACL support came up on the
samba-technical list a few days back, in fact.  There are already a number
of Unices that support ACLs.

> If not, makes it sense to code it ?
	It's being talked about.

> And is someone allready coding it ?
	I think Jeremy wanted to try an implementation for IRIX.

> And where to start coding ? :)
	Unfortunately, since the POSIX people never agreed on an ACL
standard, all the different Unices have slightly different ACL setups.
Probably the first thing is to come up with a decent generalized abstraction
for them all.

	There's been a running discussion on the matter on the
samba-technical list during the past couple days; you might want to hit the
archives and read what's been said so far.

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