New param "source environment"?

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Wed Jul 21 05:00:58 GMT 1999

how about writing a vfs module that takes care of this?

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Rune Henssel wrote:

> Hello!
> I have actually had thoughts along the same lines, a parameter that causes samba to read and process the output (to stdout) from a program, along the same lines as a webserver that reeds data from a CGI script. I just not through considering how to implement it in to samba. My initial thoughts are to use a special version of the handle_include include parameter handler function, phew... ;-) but I don't know how easy it is to do.
> Thats my 10 cents.
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> Subject: New param "source environment"?
> I think I've mentioned/offered this before:
> A new parameter whose purpose is to specify a file containing
> <variable>=<value> pairs to be sourced into the current process'
> environment. If the string value of this new parameter ends with a '|',
> then the string value should be treated as a command whose output is to
> be sourced into the environment.
> This parameter would be useful to those of us who make much use of %()
> environment variable substitution tokens.
> This could have an application as a solution to the problem for which
> Rune Henssel proposed adding "show to users" and "hide from users"
> parameters. The solution using this 'source environment' paramter would
> be similar to the one suggested by Dan Kaminsky, but simpler (no
> intermediate temporary files would be needed; simply have a script
> output a list of share names as the value to an environment variable
> which is later interpolated into the value of the 'auto services'
> parameter).
> I see many more uses for this, of course.

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