New param "source environment"?

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Wed Jul 21 01:30:26 GMT 1999


I have actually had thoughts along the same lines, a parameter that causes samba to read and process the output (to stdout) from a program, along the same lines as a webserver that reeds data from a CGI script. I just not through considering how to implement it in to samba. My initial thoughts are to use a special version of the handle_include include parameter handler function, phew... ;-) but I don't know how easy it is to do.

Thats my 10 cents.

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Subject: New param "source environment"?

I think I've mentioned/offered this before:

A new parameter whose purpose is to specify a file containing
<variable>=<value> pairs to be sourced into the current process'
environment. If the string value of this new parameter ends with a '|',
then the string value should be treated as a command whose output is to
be sourced into the environment.

This parameter would be useful to those of us who make much use of %()
environment variable substitution tokens.

This could have an application as a solution to the problem for which
Rune Henssel proposed adding "show to users" and "hide from users"
parameters. The solution using this 'source environment' paramter would
be similar to the one suggested by Dan Kaminsky, but simpler (no
intermediate temporary files would be needed; simply have a script
output a list of share names as the value to an environment variable
which is later interpolated into the value of the 'auto services'

I see many more uses for this, of course.

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