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DNS names and NetBIOS names are two very different things.  It is a common
myth (thanks to Microsoft) that the two can be easily mapped one to the
other.  It *can* be done, but it isn't easy and you really need to know
what is going on before you even consider trying.  Again, NetBIOS names 
are *not* the same as DNS names.

If you are using TCP/IP as your transport, all of the machines should have
DNS entries.  Keep in mind that a given machine will have several NetBIOS
names, including group names which may apply to several machines.  Also, a
NetBIOS name doesn't have a DNS Domain (unless you're using scope--which
doesn't work the way it was intended anyway).

The mapping of NetBIOS names to IP addresses was designed as a mechanism
for emulating an IBM/Sytec NetBIOS LAN across a routed TCP/IP network.  I
really like to encourage people *not* to confuse the two namespaces. 

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> how do I add a WINS server to the search path (i.e.. /etc/hosts, dns server,
> next I want the WINS server).  How do I do this?  I know that it will
> involve nsswitch.conf (actually I have a pretty strong feeling), but I don't
> know what line to add (this is a Solaris 2.7 machine).  IF you have any
> ideas, or any place to get this info, I will be very appreciative.
> Thanks
> Jon Allen

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