file problem with samba2.4b and sun 2.6(sparc)

stefan vogel vogel at
Mon Jul 19 15:15:15 GMT 1999


after an attack we installed the newest patches for SUN Solaris 2.6
(SPARC20). Then we regocniced a file problem between samba and Solaris.
First we thought it a NFS-problem but it seems to be a problem with the
file handling between samba and solaris. Frequently used files (maybe
cached bei Solaris) take realy a long time (netscape preference files
takes more then 10 minutes). If you try to save such files there is
mostly a file curruption. On the Sun there isn't this problem, you have
fast access to this files. We have two systems with differnt Samba
versions (2.0 beta and 2.0 final) but it just happens on the 2.0 beta.
So we installed 2.04b, but there was the same problem. We don't want to
install the 2.0 final at the station with the problems because now we
have problems and want to update as new as possible.

Possible Errors (Problems)

1. Trojaner in our system! (shit)
2. samba-solaris bug
3. compiling error (old gcc, one warning at the compilation)

/lib/system.c 'sys_readdir'
warning return from incompatible pointer type

Stefan Vogel

p.s.: This station works as a PDC and we don't use a NT-Server so we
realy need a solution.

tonight i will try 2.05pre_alpha

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