Samba Server Problems

Dan Christopherson danch at
Mon Jul 19 13:47:08 GMT 1999

The first thing I'd check is if the Win 98 box is trying to use the
NetBEUI protocol to access SMB services, rather than NetBIOS over
That will cause the symptoms you're seeing. Generally, just to avoid 
problems, I go into the control panel on Windows machines and remove
completely. I believe there is a way to set priorities, but I haven't
that personally.


Art Ross wrote:
> Well, I've configured a Samba Server on a Linux
> system running RedHat 6.0.  I've been trying to
> debug the enclosed configuration with the
> assistance of the author.  Unfortunately, we been
> unable resolve the problems.  I'm unable to see
> the Linux box in the Network Neighborhood of my
> Windows 98 machine.  Would you please review my
> data and provide any helpful suggestions you might
> have to resolve any unforseen difficulties in my
> configuration.  Being a newbie, I'm at wits end
> and don't know the Linux well enough to find what
> may very well be the obvious.
>   Of course, if you have a completely different
> approach, I'm all ears to any suggestions you
> have.
>   Thanks in advance.
>   Art Ross

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