new parameters "show to users" & "hide from users"

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Mon Jul 19 11:56:02 GMT 1999

"Show to users" is better done via a conditional include script, rather
than Yet Another Parameter.  (Good concept, though.  Very very simple

There's a little bit of hackery that can be done to make it work right
now, though.  You have a preexec shell script that generates an include
file containing the username.  So something like:

preexec = %U

with the output of file:


Then you add the line

include = smb.conf.%U

and poof, all the work necessary for share settings can go into that
userset script.  Now, there are limitations on this, and I'll be kinda
honest and admit I haven't tested this.  But it *should* work.

For those who want to do more complex things, you can preexec into
existence a file containing the process number of the calling smbd, while
passing the script any and every variable you could possibly want. Just do
include = smb.conf.%d, and you're set.

If I get a good 8 hours free, I'll actually make good on a few promises(I
way overcommit myself!) and write some hardcore sample scripts/scripting
architectures for Samba.  I've really been pissing myself off lately, so
there's a good chance I might actually come through.  (Sigh.)

Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
	DoxPara Research (and Cisco Systems now too!)

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