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In running a network in a dormitory ie. it is students using the network I had a need to be able to selectivly hide/disable shares based on the userID of the user requesting the share list. Hence the need for a "show to users" / "hide from users" parameter.

This is what I have made. The parameters accept the same type of arguments as the "read list" type parameter. The patch is made against samba-2.0.5-pre2, but it should pose no difficulties grafting it onto a 2.0.4b, or for that matter any other version.

A short description of the parameters:

"show to users" parameter:
    The share is only enabled for the users specified in the list.
    It will be disabled for all other users.

"hide from users" parameter:
    The share will be disabled for the specified user.
    All other users will have access to the share.

Any comments, easier ways of doing this, etc... Will greatly be appriciated.
Also it would be great to see this parameter be made "official", along with the "secure include" and the auditing parameters. when this is beeing done a cleanup of duplicate parameters would also be in order.

Thats my 10 cents... ;-)

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