Win2000 printing

Matt Chapman matty at
Sat Jul 17 12:24:15 GMT 1999

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> > Yep, the negprot list is unique - it omits some of the older protocols. See
> > negprot.c after I commit it.
> the capability bits are usually more reliable, MS tend to change the
> protocol list. Is there a new capability bit that W2K sets?

No, not as a client. Both NT4 and Win2K send a capability dword of 0xD4

... which I think is wrong as it should include CAP_LARGE_FILES...

... then again Microsoft probably thinks that's implied by CAP_NT_SMBS...

... and even if not it's quicker to change the spec :-)

Looks like the negprot is the way to go, let's hope they don't vary it too much.


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