Win2000 printing

Matt Chapman matty at
Sat Jul 17 11:09:32 GMT 1999

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> > Unless someone objects I'm about to add RA_WIN2K as a separate remote
> > architecture - I'm sure it will come in useful elsewhere - and restrict the
> > srvsvc hack to RA_WINNT.
> good idea as an interim fix. Have you got a reliable way of detecting
> W2K ?

Yep, the negprot list is unique - it omits some of the older protocols. See
negprot.c after I commit it.

> also, you better check out all the other RA_* tests in the code to see
> if they should be enabled for >=NT or just ==NT.

I can see two occurrences, which are marked as "ugly hack" and #if'd out - so I
think we're safe. Most places should use client_caps not the remote


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