dfs in samba

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Thu Jul 15 21:34:14 GMT 1999

does anyone want to help code up dfs in samba?  it's half-way there so
far.  this requires work on smbd.  probably the best implementation would
be to use tim's VFS support.  however, there are limitations: the path
name that is passed across is the FULL dfs path name
(\server\dfs-mount-point[\directory][\file]) so i've had to add
unix_dfs_convert() which calls unix_convert() after first checking dfs
paths, and converting to local if necessary.

ms's dfs implementation is weird: there appears to be a large burden
placed on the client, and the ms dfs client acts REALLY strange:
attempting to do SMBgetatr on mount points; doing NTcreateX on mount
points; attempting to create \server\dfs-mount\DESKTOP.INI ?????!

you may need microsoft's dfs server 4.1 stuff (from their web site).  all
SP3 and above nt clients are dfs-aware.  win95 (i hate win95) requires the
4.1 dfs client (from ms web site).

cifs docs contain dfs specs / info.


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