ldap_get_attribute patch suggested

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Thu Jul 15 16:29:58 GMT 1999

I found the following line in a ldif dont't wok with "%L", etc. Perhaps
the same occurs with other params:

	profile: \\%L\profiles\prn1 <----------	don't works
	profile: \\bilbo\profiles\prn1 <-------	works

so, in the  passdb/sampassldap.c  I added a "standard_sub_basic()" call:

<       if(ldap_get_attribute("profile", profile_path)){
<               standard_sub_basic(profile_path);
<       }

and now, "profile: \\%L\profiles\prn1" works

Perhaps the error was in another place ??
	passdb/sampass.c:       pstrcpy(profile_path , lp_logon_path        

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