samba-2.0.5-pre1 - PLEASE TEST

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Thu Jul 15 13:02:16 GMT 1999

I've just released the first pre-release of Samba 2.0.5. We are
planning to do a final release of 2.0.5 on Monday so please test this

Version 2.0.4 was a disaster because lots of people tested it, found
problems, then didn't report them. They assumed that someone else
would find the bug and report it. Nobody did. After the disasterous
release lots of people told us "oh yes, I saw that and assumed someone
else would report it". Don't let that happen this time!

Report problems to this list as soon as possible.

Note that 2.0.5 is not your chance to get new features into Samba,
that will come later. This release is aimed at stabilising what we
have by fixing known bugs. If you know of any serious bugs in 2.0.4
then please check to make sure they are fixed for you in 2.0.5-pre1.
Don't assume that just because you mailed a bug report that we have
fixed it.

We won't be offering binaries of the pre-releases. Instead you can
return to those nostalgic days of compiling Samba from source. Get
your copy of 2.0.5-pre1 from the alpha/ directory on your favourite
Samba mirror. See for a full list of mirrors.


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