Where to get "IBM PC Network Technical Reference Manual"

Michael H. Warfield mhw at wittsend.com
Sun Jul 11 17:46:03 GMT 1999

Steven Yuan enscribed thusly:

> Hi everyone:

>   I would like to implement Netbeui into Linux, 
> however I could not get the detail specification of
> Netbeui. 

>   Does anyone know where I could get "IBM PC Network
> Technical Reference Manual", No. 6322916, First Edition, September 1984
> ? 

	I use to have a copy of that manual.  I'm afraid it's not likely
to contain what you are looking for.  That's the early manual in the blue
slip jacket and contained various netbios "ncb" level, int 5c and int 2a
calls and ncb structure definitions but nothing about wire level packet
structures and information.  There was another manual in a grey slip
cover that covered the SMB level (the next layer up) which I didn't have.

	This is the book that Tridge, Jeremy, Luke, and I were discussing
at the last CIFS conference when we were discussing the original meaning
and use of the "Scope" name.

	Wish like hell I could find that darn thing.  It's buried deep in
a box of old books somewhere!

>   Thanks in advance!

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