Out of file structures

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sun Jul 11 12:33:29 GMT 1999

Michael Reinelt wrote:
> Hi there,
> is there already a solution to the "ERROR! Out of file
> structures"-problem? I get this error in two situations, one being a
> read from an NT-Workstation, the other being a write access.
> The first situation happens every night, the samba-Server (a Linux box
> running Linux-2.0.36 and samba-2.0.4b) is being backed up with ArcServe
> from an NT-Server. Several directories will not be backed up, because of
> the above error, they seem to be presented to Arcserve as empty (there
> is no error in the arcserve logs).
> Second, I got this error while copying a CD with _very_ lots of small
> files from an NT-Station to the Samba-Server.
> Especially the first situation is quite urgent for me to be fixed,
> because I need a runnng backup.
> bye,
>      Michael

Check the list archives.  I think Jeremy posted a fix.
Someone correct if I'm imagining this.

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