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It's still probably a hoax, but I called Amiga Inc. to ask.  I'm waiting
for a call back, or E'mail.  There are folks in the office in CA so I
imagine that they'd have fixed it by now.  If it were true, then the QNX
Amiga site would probably shut down.  Amiga.Org have picked up the story
as well.  I think it will be quite interesting to see how this plays out. 

If it were true, the interesting thing about it would be that the new
Amiga would become the first OSS hardware platform.  That is, PCs were
designed to run MS-whatever, Sun, SGI, etc. all ship proprietary Unix
flavors.  The Amiga was going to ship with QNX (which is a cool, though
proprietary, OS).  If Amiga ships with Linux, that would make it fairly

...but it probably is a hoax.

...but they have not announced which processor they plan to use in the 
new systems.  Anyone heard of a little startup called TransMeta?

This is just wild speculation, but geez it's fun.  ;)

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> Den 09-Jul-99 15:39:20 skrev Christopher R. Hertel følgende om "This is *way* cool.":
> > Amiga, Inc. has dropped their deal with QNX and is going to be a Linux 
> > Platform (unless the site has been hacked).
> >
>    Given that QNX opened <URL:> just yesterday,
> I'm pretty sure the site has been hacked. It runs on an NT box, after
> all... I cannot believe that Amiga, Inc. would yet again shoot themselves
> in the foot by scaring off any other potential partners.
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