WinNT delete files in linked dirs in 2.0.4b, BUG ?

Branko Cibej branko.cibej at
Thu Jul 8 11:11:34 GMT 1999

Lionel Bourquard wrote:

> I found the following strange behaviour in Samba 2.0.4b on RedHat 5.2.
> (Appears on RH51, 1.9.18p8 as well)
> If you delete, from a WinNT4 station, a directory that is a link to another
> one on the Linux side, all files inside the pointed directory will be deleted.
> But not the link itself.
> I expected exactly the opposite to happend !!
> (The link to be deleted and not the files inside the original dir...)

That's not really caused by Samba. Windows doesn't know about symbolic links; it osnly sees a directory,
and happily deletes all the files in it.

You might be able to fix that by setting "follow links = no" in smb.conf.

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