GNU Portable Threads

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Jul 7 13:06:28 GMT 1999

> I still say it's cool.  ;)

it might be cool, but we shouldn't use it in Samba. Why?

1) threading smbd is insane because of the security context
   changes. If threads on all our supported platforms had the notion
   of a per-thread security context (ie. uid, gid and groups list)
   then we could do this. If that happens then I'll eat the CIFS spec

2) threading nmbd is unnecessary because what we have works, and any
   threading attempt is sure to lead to us losing some
   platforms. Having written a thread library I know about the sorts
   of portability problems that arise, and while you can make it
   portable to a wide range of platforms you _can't_ make it portable
   to all platforms without vendor help (think about OSF1 only
   allowing longjumps in one direction and similar issues).

a good and reasonably portably threads library is nice, and I might
use it for some other projects, but putting it in Samba is not a good

Cheers, Tridge

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