HELP PLEASE (Re: Autoreconnect from WinNT problem)

Matt Chapman matty at
Wed Jul 7 10:49:24 GMT 1999

G'day tech people,

Could someone with NT4 SP5 please check out the SAMBA_2_0_RELEASE branch:

cvs -d :pserver:cvs at login
Password: cvs

cvs -d :pserver:cvs at co -rSAMBA_2_0_RELEASE samba

[I hope that's right.]

and check the below. I'm on holidays now and don't have an NT box handy, but
this could really turn into an annoying little bug.

Thanks muchly.

   - matty

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Subject: Autoreconnect from WinNT problem RE: FW: 2.0.4b: unacceptable long
browsing times from Windows2000 Beta3
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 17:33:45 +0400
From: "Andrej Borsenkow" <borsenkow.msk at>
To: "Matt Chapman" <matthewc at>,"SAMBA tecnical list"
<samba-technical at>

> Can you try the attached patch against 2.0.4b (which is also a bit of
> a tidy-up
> of the share enumeration code, hence its size).

I won't claim, that it has something to do with this patch, but now I am
connected as nobody after WinNT4.0SP5 startup for all shares. If I kill smbd
(e.g. using SWAT) and connect again, I am connected as myself.

The NT use is different from Wnix user, and I have user mapping from NT to Unix
if it matters.

Anybody have seen it? What info is needed?



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