What is max file size at Samba ?

Matti Aarnio matti.aarnio at sonera.fi
Sat Jan 30 11:34:15 GMT 1999

Andrew Tridgell <tridge at samba.org> wrote:
> Matti,

  Good morning, afternoon in fact,

> SMB file offsets are unsigned and can thus go to 2^32-1. Read/write
> operations are not relative to a current file pointer but are instead
> always relative to the start of the file. That's why a sign bit is not
> needed. 
> File offsets can also be 64-bits if the client and server negotiate
> "large file support". Samba 2.0 supports 64-bit file offsets on some
> OSes (IRIX, Solaris and a few others). We use autoconf to detect if
> 64-bit file offsets are available.

  You mean:  If the LFS machinery exists ?
Even without my LFS things, the Linux/Alpha and Linux/SPARC64 are
capable to use large offsets.

My LFS stuff adds a few flags, and machinery to have the page cache to
support up to PAGE_SIZE * 4G files (16 T) on 32-bit platforms.
The VFS layer (aside of page cache) already handles 64-bit offsets,
although most filesystem codes in Linux make sloppy, or no work at
detecting offsets going beyond 2G-1.

> The locking problem affects all file sizes, not just large files.
> > I am working at Large-File-Summit stuff for Linux
> is there are URL for this?

  Didn't I remember to mention it ?


> Cheers, Tridge

/Matti Aarnio <matti.aarnio at sonera.fi>

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