What is max file size at Samba ?

Matti Aarnio matti.aarnio at sonera.fi
Sat Jan 30 00:41:56 GMT 1999


  I am working at Large-File-Summit stuff for Linux, and during
it I noticed various filesystem related ``issues''.

  An example is that the SMB specs (Microsoft, Nov 1989) tell
the file size field to be 32-bit value,  SMBFS headers at Linux
declare the field as u32, which allows max size of 4G-1.
However without explicite different knowledge I don't trust any
32-bit system to allow more than 2G-1.

Hmm.. Apparently in  O_LARGEFILE  mode I am allowing access up to
4G-1 with SMBFS files at 32-bit Linux platforms. (i386, that is.)

Does anybody have any knowledge how large files SMB/CIFS servers
allow to be stored ?  Is it really 4G-1 ?

/Matti Aarnio <matti.aarnio at sonera.fi>

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