Domain Logins ?

HRH Jorgen Lundman lundman at
Tue Jan 26 12:09:40 GMT 1999

I'm sorry if this is something that has already been covered. The whole
samba and NT domain stuff is fairly new to me as I'm more of a Unix

Bascially, we are working on a Unix Client to the MS Proxy Server 2.0
and have basic TCP working (it's a 12 packet challenge!!) and will start
on UDP.

However, this only works as long as "Authenticate Users" is disabled in
the MS Proxy Setup. ie, don't go on user authentication.

If we enable "Authenticate Users" and add my username "lundman" (works
fine, tested from Win95) but when it comes from Unix the MS Proxy Server
totally ignored our requests. So basically we need to be able to "login"
as per Win95-boot time, if that is at all possible.

I've followed the DOMAIN-MEMEBER documents, and that seems to work. I
can connect to the PDC, BDC on shares such as "netlogon" and any others
the NT box has, if I supply a valid user and password when using
smbclient. (Didn't work at all before the DOMAIN-MEMBER tasks had been
performed) Likewise I can use smbclient to connect to the shares on the
MS Proxy Server.

But it seems to still not consider me to be properly part of the
authentication process as any WINS queries sent to the MS Proxy Server
are ignored, and any attempts to open TCP connections (if "Authenticate
Users" is enabled) fail.

I've tried supplying my username as DOMAIN\username as well, but at no

So basically, can I effectively simulate the same process as occurs when
Win95 boots, or does anyone have any documentations toward the challenge
that occurs. As a last straw we will tcpdump Win95 machine logging in
but that is a lenghty process, specially as we have little knowledge on
how Microsofts protocols work.

We would really appreciate any reply,


Jorgen Lundman <lundman at>
Programmer & Unix Administrator
"It is easy to be wise in hindsight"

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