Status of LDAP support in Samba

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Jan 25 15:44:06 GMT 1999

> There is some very peculiar code in pwdb_smb_map_names et al which I think isn't
> quite right yet. I will sort this out.
> Luke, can you explain to me exactly what that code is meant to do so I don't
> break it.

argh, i'll try.  ok, there are pointers and fields in struct sam_passwd,
four of which can be default "No Value".  unix name: NULL nt name: NULL
uid: -1 rid: 0xffff ffff.

at least ONE of these values must not be "No Value".  from this one value,
pwdb_sam_map_names looks up the other values and fills them in.

same for pwdb_smb_map_names, by the way.

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