Samba 2.0.0 and ssl broken

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Mon Jan 25 05:08:31 GMT 1999

On Jan 24, 1999, Richard Sharpe <sharpe at> wrote:

> I hacked in some changes that adds -I/usr/include/ssl/include to CFLAGS
> unless 
> --with-sslinc is set to a directory, in which case -I$withdir is added.

Just set the environment variable CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/ssl/include
before starting configure it should work.

> My reservation is that setting CFLAGS in the configure script may affect
> later tests, as they all compile things with CFLAGS.  

That's why you should use CPPFLAGS for preprocessor flags.

> I notice that configure has support for includedir and oldincludedir, but
> these are not used.  Should I worry about moving/using to these?

Nope, these are supposed to specify directories in which header files
should be installed when you type `make install', not directories in
which to find pre-installed headers.

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