preexec; when to do it?

Jurgen Botz jurgen at
Sat Jan 23 23:02:10 GMT 1999

Greg Dickie wrote:
> Cool! I'm using ClearCase with samba as well.
> I believe anyone can do a ct startview and this will be sufficient to get the
> directory under /views. Or am I completely confused?

The view_server for that view should be running as the correct user to 
have the right set of permissions (it needs to access the files in the
view storage directory).  I'm not sure what will happen if you run the
view_server as root... it may work but cause problems later (because
some files end up being owned by root?) or it may correctly give up
privs, but my philosophy is that if it doesn't absolutely need to run
as root, it shouldn't.

So my slightly hacked smbd now becomes the user and then does the
preexec "cleartool setview %S" to start the view_server before setting
the working dir to the path, which is '/view/%S/vobs'.

- Jürgen

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