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Todd Pfaff todd at edge.cis.McMaster.CA
Sat Jan 23 16:45:20 GMT 1999

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> clientutilARGH!  no, definitely not clientutil.c, although you're close:
> clientgen.c instead.  you will need to specify \PIPE\WHATEVERNAME not

ok, next question...

first of all, i'm working with the samba-2.0.0 source.

for now, i'm adding code to client/client.c to implement the named pipe
api commands so that i can test them quickly.  i then run smbclient to
connect to the IPC$ share on the named pipe server to test these commands.
am i on the right track here?  if this all works as i think it should,
perhaps i can add some general purpose named pipe api facility to 
smbclient for others to use, and document how it's done.

to implement the api commands in client.c i create an appropriate
command message string according to the published api and then i call 
cli_api_pipe() with this message string as the params argument.
i'm unsure about the arguments to cli_api_pipe() though.  should i be
using the setup, setup_count, max_setup_count arguments?  if so, why and
how?  should i be passing my api command string in the params argument or
the data argument?  can anyone give me a quick tutorial on this, or do i
just have to drill down through the source code and piece it all together.

here is some sample code showing how i'm trying to use cli_api_pipe():

  #define PIPE_NAME "\\PIPE\\MYPIPE"
  #define MAX_MESSAGE_LEN 1024

  char *rparam = NULL;
  char *rdata = NULL;
  int rdrcnt,rprcnt;
  char message[MAX_MESSAGE_LEN];

  strncpy(message,"some valid named pipe api message",MAX_MESSAGE_LEN-1);

  if (cli_api_pipe(cli, PIPE_NAME, strlen(PIPE_NAME),
              NULL, 0, 0,
              message, strlen(message)+1, MAX_MESSAGE_LEN,
              NULL, 0, 0xFFFF,
              &rparam, &rprcnt,
              &rdata, &rdrcnt))

currently, i'm getting this error return from cli_api_pipe():

  cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was ERRDOS - 2142

which is:

  include/smb.h:#define ERRunknownipc 2142

which means???

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