Copying or Backing-up to a Shared Volume (Samba 2.0)

Mitch McNeel mitchm at
Sat Jan 23 00:05:36 GMT 1999

I have a user trying to back up his entire hard drive to a
shared volume through samba 2.0.  Every time he tries to
copy a large amount of files (say 500, about 200megs) he get
an error: can not create or replace {a filename}: invalid
file handle (not always the same file).  Also if he tries
using Windows 95/98 backup utility he get an error: An Error
Occurred while writing backup data: The backup device
stopped responding (08-0D-2B-03-0037).  This only seems to
happen when writing to a Samba 2.0 volume and not a Samba
1.9.18p10 volume.

Does anyone have any suggestion or comments???  Fixes or

Thanks in advance

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