Status of LDAP support in Samba

Matt Chapman m.chapman at
Fri Jan 22 21:47:11 GMT 1999

Allan Bjorklund wrote:

>  One part I'm still trying to puzzle out is group managment and user
> mapping.  If I add a group that is predefined in SAMBA (e.g., Domain
> Admins) rpcclient shows two instances of it and none of the changes I
> make with rpcclient actually go in.
>   If I remove my domain group map, domain user map, and local group map
> entries from smb.conf, group functionality and user mapping stop
> working.

There is some very peculiar code in pwdb_smb_map_names et al which I think isn't
quite right yet. I will sort this out.

Luke, can you explain to me exactly what that code is meant to do so I don't
break it.


Matt Chapman
m.chapman at

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