Status of LDAP support in Samba

Allan Bjorklund allan at
Fri Jan 22 16:13:28 GMT 1999

On 22-Jan-99 Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi,
> I have looked at the ldap support in Samba, and the calls from
> passdb.c
> etc, and it seems like it should work.
> Can anyone comment on the status of this support?  Does it really
> work, is
> it in use anywhere, etc?

 So far I'm just testing and getting the feel for it.  We haven't
actually deployed or put it under load yet.

 Our environment is predominatly NT with some 95/98.  95/98 work
quite happily with it, but the administration tools
(smbpasswd/rpcclient) need to have more options for NT accounts. 
As it is I'm adding in a number of fields by hand.

 One part I'm still trying to puzzle out is group managment and user
mapping.  If I add a group that is predefined in SAMBA (e.g., Domain
Admins) rpcclient shows two instances of it and none of the changes I
make with rpcclient actually go in.

  If I remove my domain group map, domain user map, and local group map
entries from smb.conf, group functionality and user mapping stop


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