Crazy ideas about shares

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Fri Jan 22 02:47:16 GMT 1999

Richard Sharpe writes:

> Once could implement a file system that allowed the contents to be
> processed by standard_sub as they are handed out to the client.  Possibly
> of marginal utility, except in the case of files in the NETLOGON share.
> One could also implement a share called SAMBACONFIG where the directories
> are the names of all the sections in the smb.conf file, and the files in
> these directories are the names of all the parameters in that section, and
> the contents of the files are simply the values of the parameters. 

Sounds like a job for the Samba VFS which has been implemented in my
work area, but desperately waiting to be committed!  Anyone (tridge,
jeremy, luke?) have any ideas when I could do this.  I gather the
merge from hell (tm) is coming up between 2.0 and 2.1.


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